Sunday, June 7, 2009


Ooops! I've been wondering why I hadn't got a single comment on my posts - and then my friend Zarah pointed out that she couldn't leave comments in the blog. And when I checked it out, I realized that no one could leave comments, 'cause the code was wrong. Hence the lack of comments, I guess ;) But after about a hour of mind killing blogger work, it should now work :)

Le Dunno monstre est mort, vive le Dunno monstre!

I wouldn't say I've killed the Dunno monster, but when my husband asked me if I was making an ashtray, I got second thoughts. He got far to big, and I didn't get any feelings for the creation I was making. No, he won't become a monster, right now he's more like a little basket or maybe a boat that my fuzzy koala is sitting in. Problably I'll just throw it away.

But today I've started with a new Dunno monster prototype. And to my sons delight he is yellow! :) I've completed the head, the muzzle and the upper lip, and though I'm not sure about the construction of the upper lip, at least it looks like something between a dragon and a monster. He'll get a lot of jags and teeth and claws, and --- yes --- I'm taking notes :)

As soon as he looks a bit more finished, I will take some photos. But right now it's time to make some supper so we won't starve to death ;)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dunno monster project

Oh well, this is as far as I have come with my monster project. It was supposed to be a yellow monster, but I found a three colored yarn that would be great for a monster. But since I havn't done any sketches, I just call it my Dunno monster. The future will tell what he will look like :) I guess he will be rather big/fat, cause the bottom is quite large, but I havn't decided how tall I'll make him. My son wanted it to look really scary, so I hope he won't be disappointed when it's finished. I mean, I don't know how to make a crochet animal look scary? But if I give the monster a few fangs and jags perhaps he'll be happy?

I'm home from work this weekend, feeling a bit sorry for myself. I really hate to be sick and snotty.

Fuzzy koala?

I've been trying to brush my koala for the fuzzy look I'm after, but I dunno. He's actually still rather nun-fuzzy. The work continues.

Friday, June 5, 2009

How to make muzzle using felt

Kawaii Cloud has made a tutorial (in spanish) of how to make a muzzle using felt. I think it's really cute actually, and I'm looking forward to try out some felt work for my animals.

She also has a very nice blog, and I recommend a visit! If the spanish is a problem, you can always use Google translator or something :)

Tiny little Koala bear

As a substitute project for the concequences of my lost crochet hook, I've made a tiny little koala bear. My son instantly wanted to snuggle with "the new Totoro" (since my Totoro project, he calls every crochet creature for "Totoro") :) It's crocheted in wool with cotton/acrylic details, with a 3½ mm crochet hook, and I think I will brush him for a fuzzier look :)

And by the way, of course I had to slightly alter the pattern, 'cause I couldn't get the nose to look like the reference by following the instructions. Don't ask me how I altered it, I used double yarn and croched a bit like I thought would work. And it did! :)

The pattern can be found here.

Terrible cute

I really wish I was the creator of this wonderful little friend. But I'm not. It was for sale on Etsy in february, so sadly it's already sold. To se more of the artist's work, please visit her homepage, flickr or etsy store :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I actually managed to lose my 3 mm crochet hook! Please, don't ask me how I managed to mislay it! I mean, I live in a three room apartment and it isn't that messy! One could probably suspect that my 3½ years old son has something to do with the disappearing, but actually I believe he is innocent. When he finds my art and craft stuff, he usually brings it to me and shows me what he has found.

However this makes it impossible for me to finish my pachirisu. When I get a chance, I will of course buy a new one, but the house finances isn't at it's best right now. (Is it ever??). I'm dreaming of an ergonomic crochet hook since my finger joints tend to occationaly hurt quite a bit... but I know I've has to relay on second hand shopping right now. My grandma had severe reumatoid arteritis, especially in her finger joints, and I wouldn't be surprised if my ache would get chronical in twenty years or so, even though the testes I've taken showed exactly nothing. The ache comes and goes, and right now I can keep my hands in pretty good shape as long as I take brakes and do my streches :)

So instead of pokemon characters, I've crocheted a little koala bear :) I don't really know what I'm going to do with all my amigurumi. I consider almost every project right now as a learning experience, and I feel that my ability improves. But I'm longing for making stuff that I actually want to do, in a design I actually intend! But since I still can't do it, I'm going to make a yellow kawaii monster for my son. I'll just have to come up with a design first ;)

Knitting grafitti

Recently I found out who made the knitting graffiti* at the bridge! It's no other than the wife of my old art class teacher and her knitting friends - a couple of middle aged women that meet once a week for knitting and chat sessions. They got the inspiration from a visit in the capital of Sweden, where they had seen several installations in town :) And actually, I must say that I found it even extra cool when I realized that it was rather old ladys who created the work! :) Such a nice role model for younger knitters in town :)

* I actually don't know what it's called in english, in Sweden we use that expression ...