Sunday, June 7, 2009

Le Dunno monstre est mort, vive le Dunno monstre!

I wouldn't say I've killed the Dunno monster, but when my husband asked me if I was making an ashtray, I got second thoughts. He got far to big, and I didn't get any feelings for the creation I was making. No, he won't become a monster, right now he's more like a little basket or maybe a boat that my fuzzy koala is sitting in. Problably I'll just throw it away.

But today I've started with a new Dunno monster prototype. And to my sons delight he is yellow! :) I've completed the head, the muzzle and the upper lip, and though I'm not sure about the construction of the upper lip, at least it looks like something between a dragon and a monster. He'll get a lot of jags and teeth and claws, and --- yes --- I'm taking notes :)

As soon as he looks a bit more finished, I will take some photos. But right now it's time to make some supper so we won't starve to death ;)

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