Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I actually managed to lose my 3 mm crochet hook! Please, don't ask me how I managed to mislay it! I mean, I live in a three room apartment and it isn't that messy! One could probably suspect that my 3½ years old son has something to do with the disappearing, but actually I believe he is innocent. When he finds my art and craft stuff, he usually brings it to me and shows me what he has found.

However this makes it impossible for me to finish my pachirisu. When I get a chance, I will of course buy a new one, but the house finances isn't at it's best right now. (Is it ever??). I'm dreaming of an ergonomic crochet hook since my finger joints tend to occationaly hurt quite a bit... but I know I've has to relay on second hand shopping right now. My grandma had severe reumatoid arteritis, especially in her finger joints, and I wouldn't be surprised if my ache would get chronical in twenty years or so, even though the testes I've taken showed exactly nothing. The ache comes and goes, and right now I can keep my hands in pretty good shape as long as I take brakes and do my streches :)

So instead of pokemon characters, I've crocheted a little koala bear :) I don't really know what I'm going to do with all my amigurumi. I consider almost every project right now as a learning experience, and I feel that my ability improves. But I'm longing for making stuff that I actually want to do, in a design I actually intend! But since I still can't do it, I'm going to make a yellow kawaii monster for my son. I'll just have to come up with a design first ;)

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