Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Modified Totoro

Original pattern is made by Angry Angel. You can find the original pattern here! And please, check her Flickr! She is totally amazing! :)

This was my first modified pattern, and I'm quite happy with the changes I managed to make. I crocheted the body, arms, tail and tummy as the original pattern, but I chose to crochet the eyes instead of using safety eyes, simply because I don't own any safety eyes and I didn't think buttons would be appropriate for this guy. But - haha - as you can see, Totoro got two different shapes of his pupils, which give him a totally crazy look. Totoro on LSD, or something! Hahaha. That HAS to be changed, but I didn't have a great deal of luck with the embroidery tries I did on him this afternoon, so I'll try again another day - I'll keep you posted on the progress.
  • I remade the ears less pointy than the original pattern to match the reference picture better. I wonder if Angry Angels' pattern is written correctly, or if it was just bad luck that they got so pointy when I made them the first time? However, the new ears fitted perfectly! :)
  • Though I followed the pattern, my Totoro turned out a bit taller and slimmer than the original. Maybe I didn't stuff the body heavily enough? Maybe it was the yarn? Or maybe it was just me ;)
  • I usually crochet in back loop only, 'cause I like the texture it brings to the creatures. In this case I believe it was a mistake, since I discovered that one row at the bottom of the body should be crocheted with back loop stiches. Now I didn't, 'cause I already had crocheted the whole piece with back loop stiches... ;) But I guess it would have made Totoro a bite more stable if I had followed the pattern.
  • I also believe that it would have been a good idea to stuff Totoro's bottom with something heavier, like pellets, since he dosn't have feet or legs to balance him. Luckily, the tail and his reached-out arms gives him some balance.

I made the following changes in Angry Angels otherwise lovely pattern:

ch: Chain stich
sc: Single crochet (US), double crochet (UK)
ss: Slip stich
hdc: Half double crochet (US), half treble (UK)
inc2: Increase by working 2 sc into 1 st
dec2: Decrease 2 st down to 1 stich
FO: Finish off

Evenly spread the increases to avoid a hexagon shape. In the pattern I've just written the number of increases in each series.

Ears (make 2):
1: Ch 2, 4 sc into 1st ch, link to 1st sc with ss. (=4 st)
2: (1 sc, inc2) x2 (=6 st)
3: (2 sc, inc2) x2 (=8 st)
4: (2 sc, inc2, inc2) x2 (=12 st)
5: (5 sc, inc2, inc2) x2 (=16 st)
6: (7 sc, inc2) x2 (=18 st)
7: (8 sc, inc2) x2 (=20 st)
8: (9 sc, inc2) x2 (=22 st)
9: (10 sc, inc2) x2 (=24 st)
10-14: Work 24 sc for 5 rounds
15: (4 sc, dec2) x4 (=20 st)
16: (3 sc, dec2) x4 (=16 st)
17: 8 sc, 8 hdc (=16 st)
18: 1 sc, 1 ss, FO.

Eyes (make 2):
1: With black yarn: 4 sc into magic ring (=4 st)
2: With white yarn: 2 sc into each st (=8 st)
3: (1 sc, inc2) x4 (=12 st)
4: Join with first st with ss. FO.

This pattern is linkware. Of course, you are free to use my alternations if you find it suitful for your Totoro, but if you'll post it online or someplace else, please do not reprint my pattern - instead, link me from your blog and feel free to notice me that you've done so by email or otherwise :)

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